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We refer to our company as a Technology Sales and Services Company because today it is much more then just business computers.  Businesses are requiring a wider range of expertise and services from wiring to phone systems to enterprise computer solutions.

We live in truly revolutionary times. Thanks to astonishing advances in technology, the way we conduct business today is radically different from the way we worked just a few years ago, and there is no indication that this evolution is about to stop.  The only constant is change.

The pace of change is exhilarating--and perilous. Trying to maintain pace with the evolving technology curve can throw businesses off track and distract them from their core business and competencies.

Who you select to be responsible for your technology solutions matters, it affects your business in many ways and we never lose sight of that responsibility.

At NSApache.net, we believe that navigating the risky course of technological change requires several components: technical expertise, an understanding of critical business issues and objectives, and the experience and ability to achieve the appropriate balance for every technology user in the business. We have been helping businesses achieve their objectives since 2000. We would love the opportunity to help you do the same.

NSApache.net has strategic business relationships with such companies as Microsoft, HP, Dell, VMware, Trend Micro, Kroll Ontrack, Panasonic, Cisco, IBM, Polycom, and others.

Thanks for visiting. Please let us know how we can help you achieve your technology objectives.

~Jorge Negrin, President


A technology sales and solutions company